A mystical warrior is summoned by holy people from the apocalyptic future to return to present day America to rouse the people to rise up against greed and protect the Earth for the children from a powerful energy company that has targeted him as a terrorist who must be destroyed.
"Journey Home” is the screenplay for a timely work of socially conscious cinema, ripped from the bloody pages of American history and today’s disturbing headlines - "Journey Home” weaves a rich tapestry of Indigenous wisdom and folklore, American history, visionary animation, and searing drama that reinforces the truth that we are all connected and inspires hearts and minds to live in balance with all living things.
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“Journey Home" is a story that crosses ages, races, all backgrounds into our heritage as human beings. It is reflective of the stories and the moral origins we have always been in touch with. "Journey Home" is an inspiring story that gives a platform to what is going on - and it is a life and death struggle make no mistake about that. Stories have always been a part of our lives in camps. What we have in "Journey Home" is another story collective from many at the source." Gary Dorr, Water Protector, Nez Perce Tribe
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