“Journey Home" is a story that crosses ages, races, all backgrounds into our heritage as human beings. This is an inspiring story that gives a platform to what is going on. Stories have always been a part of our lives in camps. What we have in Journey Home is another story collective from many at the source. -Gary Dorr, Activist, Nez Perce Reservation Idaho
We are at a time where Indigenous people the world over are waking up to the realization that we are destroying ourselves by not revisiting our history of who we really are. I believe that 'Journey Home' can contribute towards the peace that reconciliation can bring. "Journey Home" falls exactly where it needs to be brought forth in this day and age. -Colleen Swan, Inupiat Council Member, Kivalina, Alaska
As an eco-stress physiologist specializing in Earth's life support systems, author and broadcaster I am supporting “Journey Home” by lending my voice as an expert on Earth’s stressed systems, which humans are causing. I am supporting “Journey Home” because it is a timely and important movie with a compelling story that will have universal appeal and because it is not only a visual and artistic feast for the senses – but also – and very importantly - will transform hearts and minds – the world over. - Earth Dr. Reese Halter, Author, Los Angeles, California
There are times when it is necessary to take a stand against the destruction of nature and inspire others to do likewise. "Journey Home" is intended to play just such an inspirational role and I hope that it will be made and released soon. - Cormac Cullinan , ESQ. Author, Cape Town, South Africa

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