"Journey Home" is the story of Imahn’u – a mystical American Indian who must confront his painful past and make amends for the choices he made that contributed to the environmental degradation of the future. His previous life unfolds in evocative flashbacks. He is haunted by the cries of a child. When he understands the meaning - he will understand his purpose.
Imahn'u is mystical but he is no super hero and yet the fate of the Earth rests on his shoulders. He must endure hardships without guidance and confront his past to teach us that whatever we do to the Earth- we do to ourselves. His is a transformational journey, that reveals so much of what he had previously been blind to- about himself and the world and of his role in the American Indian wars in the 1800's. He is searching for the truth - just like us. We see in him the battle of the white and the black wolves - representing our personal battle and the larger one - i.e. greed and injustice vs. justice and compassion. Ultimately he must inspire a young girl to “rise up” and carry on the wisdom of elders - that we are all connected.