Women's March on Washington 2017 - Eloquent Resistance
Standing Rock Sioux 2016 - Water is Life
Alaska Natives 2016 - Keep it in the Ground

The Apache Stronghold 2015 - Protecting Sacred Sites

Cowboy and Indian Alliance 2014 - Reject and Protect
“Journey Home” taps into the growing movement to protect the Earth for future generations and indigenous wisdom that understands that we are all connected and that whatever we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. At the forefront of this movement are women and indigenous peoples. In “Journey Home” the main character hands the baton to a young Indigenous girl whose eyes are opened and her power awakened. She is our present and our future. She represents hope and a new path forward. If this resonates with you, if you care about the world you will leave your childen's children- if you support the water Protectors at Standing Rock - please make a donation to our Fundrazr campaign. Thank you for all your support. It means the Earth to us.